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Your life transformed

Exclusively through Peter Crone

Congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier and more vibrant you. The Genetic masterclass with Kashif Khan was a huge success with many lives changed.

You've now unlocked an opportunity to work ONE ON ONE with world renowned Genetic Health Expert Kashif Khan, whose expertise has transformed the lives of celebrities and professional athletes globally.

Imagine a personalized journey into your genetic data, revealing insights that will shape a bespoke longevity and health plan tailored precisely to your individual make up. This isn't just a program. It is a premium experience designed to elevate your well being to unprecedented heights.

Seize this opportunity now and embark on a transformative path towards optimal health.
CLICK HERE to secure your spot and join an elite group embracing a life of vitality and longevity.

What's included:

  • 3 hour deep dive to go through your entire genomic profile end to end and come up with all potential risks and opportunities (one on one with Kashif)
  • Learn how to use your genomic information so you are self sufficient for future considerations (one on one with Kashif)
  • One month of unlimited follow up with Kashif to implement all findings (phone, email, text) (one on one with Kashif)

Regular Price $8000
Exclusive offer to the first 15 people $3800


Next steps:

  • Click below and secure your spot
  • Kashif will personally reach out within 24 hours to book a time with you
  • Show up to your session and change your future
  • Unlimited access to Kashif for the next 30 days to implement

Your journey to a healthier, happier you starts here.


Praise for Kashif's Best Selling Book, The DNA Way

The insights that Kashif was able to deliver... were mind-blowing.

Joe De Sena
CEO and founder of Spartan Race

A game-changing resource that we have all been waiting for.

Dr. Mindy Pelz
WSJ Best-Selling Author

The knowledge you need for your own longevity and vitality.

Steven R. Gundry, M.D.
New York Times Best-Selling Author

The ultimate life hack to take control of your health, performance and longevity

Bear Grylls
TV Adventurer

Your Roadmap to 120

Work directly with celebrity longevity coach, Kashif Khan. A 4 week transformational journey to unlock the secrets in your DNA and build your plan to live to 120.

Attend live online sessions with Kashif and mind your genetic data for insights. Each session is two hours. One hour presentation and one hour Q&A.

Session 1:


  • Mental Map: Find out how your DNA drives your behavior and why you may perceive life's experiences differently then others
  • From Addiction to Anxiety: Learn how Kashif has worked with celebrities and ceo's to break habits of addiction, burnout, anxiety and more for long term mental health
  • Tackling Trauma: Understand which genes are driving you to hold onto negativity or emotionally check out and how to support emotional health
  • Find where you fit: Whether in a team, a relationship or as a parent you can switch from barely survive to thrive by understanding what you are wired for

Session 2:


  • Fix your clock: Sleep is paramount to longevity and Kashif will demonstrate how he has used genetic insights to fix the sleep of professional athletes for optimal recovery
  • Beyond the pill: Fixing sleep is more than knowing which supplement you need to take. Find out what signals your biology is looking out for to get into a restful state
  • Macros: Get rid of the trial and error with your meal planning and find out exactly how your body metabolizes fats, plants and carbs and how to plate your food to live to 120
  • Micros: One sized fits all supplements aren't good enough. Find out exactly where your genes need support with supplementation and dose with precision

Session 3:


  • Slow things down: Understand what the red flags are in your DNA that will cause you to age and adopt habits to slow it down
  • Speed things up: Understand how to have more energy and find your full genetic potential
  • Stop things in their tracks: Understand why your body is at risk for chronic diseases, why they would happen and how to prevent or reverse them
  • Clean things up: Understand your bodies detox, immune and anti-inflammatory systems and maintain optimal cellular health

Session 4:


  • From confusion to clarity: Learn how Kashif has used genetics to map out the hormones of 1000s of people and use them as a tool for longevity
  • Hormone replacement: Know exactly how to personalize your hormone replacement therapy to avoid adverse outcomes and excellerate anti-aging benefits
  • What's happening outside: Understand how your hormones drive body type, fat, muscle, hair & skin and how to get the outcome you want
  • What's happening inside: Understand how your hormones drive inflammation, chronic disease, libido, bone health & brain health and how to prevent the worst while living your best

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