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DNA 360 Report


The DNA 360 lab test will take your saliva sample and scan it using 4.7 billion data points. After the scan, you will receive 38 comprehensive health reports based on your DNA, plus the longevity report, which could add 10 healthy years to your life.

While generic low-quality DNA tests may tell you the likelihood of risk, the DNA 360 report goes beyond that to provide you with personalized health recommendations designed to help you actually reduce these risks.

Discover exactly which foods, supplements, workouts, environment, and lifestyle are right for you based on your unique DNA.

Then, reach peak health by giving your body exactly what it needs.


We do not provide return shipping for test kits shipped outside of the USA

Discover Exactly What Your Body Needs By Looking At Your DNA

Stop guessing and get the answers from your DNA

  • Discover which foods are right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover which supplements are right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover what environment is right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover what lifestyle is right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover which workouts are right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover what your risks are based on your DNA
  • Discover how to lower your risks by making changes based on your DNA

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1 Saliva Sample.
A Lifetime of Health Insights.

Understand your body like never before.

The DNA 360 Includes:

  • 4 Cardiovascular reports
  • 5 Sleep reports
  • 7 Hormone & Fitness reports
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Audio guide of your results
  • 7 Diet & Nutrition reports
  • 11 Mood & Behavior reports
  • 4 Immunity & detox reports
  • Access to the DNA community
See Sample Report

Get Personalized Recommendations Based on Your Unique DNA

Did you know that some people, because of their DNA, struggle to process Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and other micronutrients? The DNA test will tell you exactly what your body is good at processing and bad at processing. Even more useful is the DNA 360 Report will tell you exactly what supplements, in what form, are right for you.


A GeneCast is a personalized audio playlist that contains individual ‘gene tracks’, which are mini audio lessons on genes found in your body. No one GeneCast is the same, each is generated based on the genes found inside of your DNA 360 Report. Sit back on the couch, press play on your GeneCast and you will soon learn exactly what genes you have, what they are responsible for, and how they impact your health. Your GeneCast is one of a kind, just like your DNA.

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