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"Live to 120 Deep Dive" Program

$5,000 $3,800

  • DNA 360 Test: Receive a comprehensive DNA test to uncover the secrets of your genetic makeup. (Note: No refunds once the DNA kit ships) 
  • 2 60-minute preparation calls to set the stage for your transformation. 
  • 4 "Ask Kash Anything" Q&A calls (90 minutes each) to address your queries and provide insights. 
  • 4 group sessions (3-4 hours each) with Kash Khan to review and interpret your DNA results. Topics include: 
    • Boost Your Brain 
    • How to Sleep and Eat 
    • Make Disease Optional 
    • Happy Hormones 
  • Personalized DNA Roadmap: At the end of the program, receive a tailored roadmap based on your DNA results to guide your health journey.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous support from Kash Khan’s team throughout the 10 weeks. 
  • Community Membership: Gain membership to the Skool online community for 12 months, providing access to additional resources and support.

* Invoices for the remaining two installments will be sent every 30 days after purchase until the total has been paid.

Note: No return on kits once shipped


Import and duty fees are the responsibility of the customer and we do not provide return shipping labels for test kits shipped outside the US

About the Program

Kash Khan’s signature "Live to 120 Deep Dive" program is designed to help you unlock the secrets of your DNA and take charge of your health like never before. Leveraging Kash's extensive knowledge of genetics, this program interprets your DNA results in a meaningful way, providing you with a personalized roadmap for health and longevity.

Throughout the program, you will receive support from Kash and his team, access to an exclusive community, and a wealth of resources. This program is uniquely designed to make Kash’s expertise accessible in a group setting, ensuring personalized attention while fostering a supportive environment.

Limited Availability

To ensure personalized attention, the program is limited to 30 participants per group. Don’t miss your chance to transform your health and longevity under the expert guidance of Kash Khan.

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