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Making the breast of your genetic potential

This one day genetic deep dive with Celebrity Longevity Coach and Author of the DNA Way, Kashif Khan offers you the opportunity to understand your genetic potential and the understanding to create an environment that nurtures your nature.

Join us and unlock your genetic potential.

December 12th, 2023 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (EST)

What you will learn in this genetic deep dive program is how breast health is deeply connected to all systems of the body and therefore crucial to approach your health holistically and understand through your unique genetic blueprint how to optimize the following:

  • Balancing Neurochemicals and Enhancing Mood
  • Cultivating a State of Bliss with Happy Hormones
  • Harmonizing the Sleep Cycle for Vitality
  • Bolstering Immunity and Reducing Inflammation
  • Crafting a Tailored Diet
  • Personalizing Your Fitness Regimen
  • Cultivating Peak Energy Levels and Libido
  • Slowing Down the Aging Process and Safeguarding Against Disease

This one-day workshop is exclusive for Real Health MD clients, family and friends.
Seating is limited.

One day
December 12th, 2023

Price $1,149 USD + tax
Use Code JENN at checkout to receive $150 OFF

Limited spots available.

Please note: you will receive a DNA 360 test included in your seat price. You must provide a saliva sample and ship immediately so you will receive your DNA test results prior to the the one-day workshop.

You will receive a confirmation email with details and login information for the one-day workshop.
No refunds.


We do not provide return shipping for test kits shipped outside of the USA

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